Monday, March 08, 2010

Now I See You, Now I Don't

Tonight I soaked in a couple of great films. First up was H.G. Wells' The Invisible Man (1933) directed by James Whale for Universal starring Claude Rains. What a magnificent film this is (adapted from an excellent story). Rains portrays the Invisible Man with every bit of calculated insanity necessary to make it work. So, so good.

Later I wrapped my head around the mindfuck flick Triangle (2009) thanks to NWI. There was so much buzz around this film on Twitter from my friends that I couldn't wait any longer to watch this time-loop horror thriller and it delivers. Comparisons to the amazing Timecrimes notwithstanding, this film stands on its own as Melissa George carries the flick more than adequately. Another bravo to director Christopher Smith, who also directed the solid horror-comedy romp Severance. Highly recommended viewing and one I'm already looking forward to seeing again, potentially at a movie night.

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