Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another Ghost Story

Was a little surprised that my library had Lamberto Bava's Ghost Son (2006). This film is Paul Solet's Grace before he made Grace. Yet it lacks the execution and true horror that makes Grace so good. Bava's attempt at baby horror is more silly than effective as the story involves a dead man returning to possess the soul of his unborn baby. Why this man would suddenly turn evil is never really explained. What this film does have going for it is lots of Laura Harring nudity(!). That might have been the only thing keeping my interest. Oh, and there's Pete Postlethwaite!

Went out to Streets of Woodfield for the late showing of Toy Story 3 (2010). After experiencing that obnoxious crowd (mostly teens) I probably won't be doing that again. Fortunately I still enjoyed the film immensely. Already expect to place this one in my top ten for 2010. Such a rich & emotional film. Thank you, Pixar!
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