Saturday, June 05, 2010

Science Fiction Fun Land

Went to theater for a big screen viewing of Vincenzo Natali's fun sci-fi horror thriller Splice (2010). Not a perfect film but certainly compelling most of the way until the horror conventions override the science fiction complexities. Definitely entertaining.

John Gholson did a good job of persuading a few Twitter peeps to check out Funland (1987) on Netflix Watch Instantly. I was game and jumped in. Wow, this is quite a train wreck in every way but also rather uncomfortable with several familiar faces including Jan Hooks, Lane Davies, and David Lander (Squiggy!).

Via NWI I finally watched Little Shop of Horrors (1986). Yes, it lives up to its generally highly regarded status. Some terrific musical numbers and now no longer on my blindspot list!

Like a warm blanket I revisited Battle Beyond the Stars (1980), which I haven't seen the 80s most likely. Why this film hasn't received a decent DVD/BD release is "beyond" me... because hot damn do I still love this cheesy battle in space flick. Crazy how much of it I didn't remember yet certain sequences are crystallized in my brain. Robert Vaughn will forever be the badass that he is here. As a kid I never connected the Seven Samurai storyline but at least now I know why I enjoyed it so much then and still enjoy it now... because of that retelling of Kurosawa's great tale (Magnificent Seven is also a favorite of mine).

Just realized I've been watching several films from the 80s so far this month. Good on me. Easily the most formative years of my movie experience.
  • June New: 10
  • June Re-watch: 1
  • June Total: 11
  • 2010 TOTAL: 334

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