Saturday, June 26, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Wow, oh man, wow. Wicked, Wicked (1973) is a little gem I DVR'd from TCM that despite being a "gimmick" film doesn't get enough credit (or a proper DVD release!). I just love this film and its "gimmick" which really isn't a gimmick when you consider all the movies have used this particular technique of split-screen in a major motion picture. But at least this film sticks with its "Duo-Vision" for the duration making for a very entertaining watch for a murder mystery at Hotel del Coronado on the coast of San Diego. If this film didn't employ the split-screen it probably wouldn't be half as good since the actual thriller killer aspect isn't developed that well. I will say that having been to the Hotel del Coronado, walking the property and beach, made the film all that more interesting to me. But would still recommend to anyone as a curiosity piece.

Still on my Lung Ti (or Ti Lung, depending on your preference) kick, I picked up The Deadly Breaking Sword (1979) from Netflix. I can say that this is another of the better Shaw Brothers productions but didn't care for Lung Ti in the villain role. He doesn't remain entirely a villain but as the wandering swordsman with the "breaking sword" to defeat all the other reputable challengers, it didn't work for me. Lung Ti is less convincing when he goes sinister. I prefer him as a more likable character. Still offers some great action sequences.
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