Saturday, June 12, 2010

NWI Monkey Madness

Not sure what got into me but this sure turned out to be a marathon day (evening) of movie watching. I blame Netflix Watch Instantly. First up Battle of Shaolin (1977) featuring the wiry Don Wong on his quest to rescue his girlfriend from the brothels. Ultimately he must face Lieh Lo as the bigger than badass villain w/decapitator chains. Angela Mao is also great w/her razor blade shoes but doesn't get enough scenes. The coin sequence w/The Sparrow (Chiang-lung Wen) is excellent!

Next the disturbing short film by Nacho Cerdà, Aftermath (1994), which doesn't look like it's 16 years old. But it's also quite unbelievable that something this obscene was released in 1994. Seriously, it looks like it was made recently. Definitely not for easily shaken... necrophilia!

Needing a breather, flipped to Blood Monkey (2007) expecting it to be bad. Oy! It's worse than bad and not in a good way. Avoid!

Next in my queue was the Chuck Norris supernatural thriller Hellbound (1994). Okay, so this is not a good flick but it was amusing to me for a few reasons (besides Chuck Norris). It's set in Chicago (until they travel to Israel) and they fight demons. It's as silly as it sounds.

Had never watched all of Joe Dante's comedy Matinee (1993) so I felt obligated to see it thru (think this stems from not being much of a John Goodman fan in the early 90s). Under more informed conditions I can appreciate this film much more now as it really is a nice homage to the William Castle gimmick flicks. Recommended viewing for all film fans.

And finally finished up Luigi Cozzi's campy Starcrash a.k.a. The Adventures of Stella Star (1978) featuring one of my favorite screen queens Caroline Munro in addition to the one and only David Hasselhoff! Amazing. And Amazingly bad. However this is bad in the good way. I love this film and all its low budget Star Wars wannabe silliness & glory (including light sabers! Look at that poster art!). Looks like it's finally getting a UK DVD release later this month and a domestic Blu-ray release in September. I will buy this!!
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  • June Re-watch: 2
  • June Total: 28
  • 2010 TOTAL: 351

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