Thursday, June 03, 2010

Tokyo Raiders

Haven't watched very much anime in the last couple of years (grew tired of it after spending most of the '00s watching more anime than film) but Netflix delivered an old hold in Strait Jacket (2007), which sounded like an interesting magic fantasy OAV. But overall it's just meh. Basically modern day sorcerers wear armored spell suits and destroy demons. Yawn.

From NWI I finally watched Motoyoshi Oda's Godzilla Raids Again (1955). This is the red-headed stepchild of the early Gojira films as it was later released in the US in 1959 as Gigantis the Fire Monster in a bastardized form. G takes on Anguirus here marking the first big screen kaiju battle. Not the greatest Godzilla film it's still quite good and deserves more recognition.

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