Friday, June 04, 2010

The Future is a Nightmare

It's really a crime that I haven't seen Umberto Lenzi's awesome Nightmare City (1980) before now. So many great scenes & sequences of zombies spreading their sickness across a city. My favorite is the TV studio during an aerobics program. Really look forward to a movie night with this one!

As I plan to unload the bulk of my 100s of anime DVDs I figure I might as well watch some of 'em that I've haven't seen. Imma Youjo the Erotic Temptress (1994) is one such set I look forward to discarding. Watched volume 1 of this hentai OAV and it's pretty much as expected: a lot of tentacle fucking. I suppose this first installment sets up the premise of a girl as a sex slave but the way it ends I can't be sure the remaining volumes follow the same pattern. Nothing particularly great here.

Watched another OOP (VHS only) 80s sci-fi flick in Crime Zone (1989), which features the incredibly sexy Sherilyn Fenn in addition to David Carradine. Although this isn't great cinema it definitely is a fun Orwellian flick with enough turns to make it watchable. The poster art really sells the film. Will never tire of seeing these Blade Runner rip-offs.

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