Sunday, June 06, 2010

Vulgar & Visual Poetry

Went out to Barrington AMC to catch Will Forte in the SNL feature MacGruber (2010) while it was still in theaters (only 2 screens remaining in Chicago!). What a filthy, fun film! Agree w/the critics that also enjoyed that film; it will have a better life on home video. Can see queuing this at a future movie night.

The other day I picked up the Urban Action Collection 4-pack of Jim Kelly blaxploitation flicks featuring Black Belt Jones (1974). So much to love about this film including Kelly's awesome attire. Definitely a fun watch with some great sequences as Black Belt Jones steps in to save a neighborhood karate school. Nice bit part by Scatman Crothers.

Took it upon myself to revisit Wong Kar-Wai's exquisite Chungking Express (1994) now that I own the DVD. May upgrade to Blu-ray as this is really a film that deserves it. My memories were mainly tied to Brigitte Lin's captivating scenes in the first arc. It's possible that was all that I had seen. Tony Leung remains great altho I do think California Dreaming is a little overplayed during his story. Ultimately this is visually & emotionally stirring. Already look forward to viewing the BD.
  • June New: 12
  • June Re-watch: 2
  • June Total: 14
  • 2010 TOTAL: 337

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