Sunday, June 13, 2010

Demon Dreams Deliver

Was twitter tipped about DVD 4-Packs on sale at Target so I ran out and picked up... several. Was thrilled to get A Nightmare on Elm Street 1-4 in addition to the NOES 5-8 pack b/c I've been wanting to revisit all the NOES films ever since the Never Sleep Again doc was released, which I plan to watch after viewing all the films again. Today I fired up the original (& best) A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). Yes, it's a little dated but still the classic in the halls of horror film.

Followed that with Lamberto Bava's Demons (1985), which is a classic in its own right. Always enjoy films centered around films particularly horror. This one delivers on all counts. If our group was able to schedule more frequent movie nights, I would certainly include this film on the road map.

Received the Inglorious Bastards 2: Hell Heroes DVD from Netflix mainly b/c it features 4 lesser war films I wanted to view. Sadly (and as expected) all the transfers are pretty awful but still watchable (barely). Wanting to see more Umberto Lenzi I opted for Bridge To Hell (1986) first. Unfortunately this is not a good film and, to be honest, the better bad scenes are stock footage from previous films. The story isn't original (escaped POWs attempt to steal treasure from the German soldiers) and overall it's a mishmash of bad editing and acting. Very forgettable. Le sigh.

Lastly from TCM was the rather nifty little voodoo horror flick Black Moon (1934) featuring another favorite starlet Fay Wray. Just wish Wray rec'd more attention than a top-billing. Not a great film but effective with a few good sequences. Worth a look for pre-code & Wray fans.
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