Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ghost in the Machine

From the quickpicks shelf at my library a couple of 2009 quick pick films: The Haunting in Connecticut (2009) and Pirate Radio (2009). Missed both these last year and while both are reasonably decent films neither are stellar. That isn't to say they are aren't worth watching but nothing very memorable about either. The Boat That Rocked (as I prefer to call it) does sport quite a great cast with some fine moments but that absurd depiction of their "disaster" in the end was hard to swallow (really? Joking as your ship is sinking in ocean?). But, damn, do I ever love Bill Nighy. Haunting features a fine Virginia Madsen in an otherwise played out "based on true events" ghost story.
  • June New: 35
  • June Re-watch: 4
  • June Total: 39
  • 2010 TOTAL: 362

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