Friday, June 11, 2010

What Teams May Come

Walked over to Century Evanston 18 after work to absorb Joe Carnahan's take on The A-Team (2010). Gotta say that I thoroughly enjoyed this ridiculous, over-the-top exercise of excess. Sharlto Copley really made it for me. The final setpiece goes overboard but a fun film nevertheless. Nice cameos in the post-credits.

Needing something to spin while I ate dinner, I turned on Woody Harrelson's "green tour" in Go Further (2003) via NWI. Not a bad little documentary that serves as a vehicle for Harrelson to promote environmental awareness & sustainable living. Worth a watch.

Ole Rupert Pupkin a.k.a. bobfreelander recently re-watched Bad Dreams (1988) and I realized I had not seen this (even tho I have memories of seeing that VHS cover on the shelves at all the rental joints). Such a solid cast including Richard Lynch, Dean Cameron, Jennifer Rubin, et al. Overall a good nightmare thriller that was overshadowed by the NOES films (and Dreamscape, I'm sure).
  • June New: 20
  • June Re-watch: 2
  • June Total: 22
  • 2010 TOTAL: 345

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