Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing

Speaking of batshit insanity (sorry, there really is no other way to describe the lunacy that is Nicolas Cage), we have Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009), which is certain to make my top 10 list. Flick has it all including mystical iguanas and a breakdancing ghost. Need I say more? Cage tears up the screen and I found myself once again entranced by his mania. Herzog and Cage should team-up more often. Another eventual movie night champion.

Never heard a thing about the animated flick Dragon Hunters (2009) that was originally released in March 2008 in Europe and only popped up at one small film festival in the United States back in April. But now it's available on DVD/BD. WTH? Anyways, I mention all this because it's a quite all right little film and I would totally watch it again. Maybe the dragons & castles and large lead character draws comparisons to Shrek but really there's nothing similar. Good watch.

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