Friday, December 25, 2009

Xmas In Transit

Packing for my flight to L.A. I'm channeling A Christmas Story (1983) on continual repeat.

Hours later: was extremely fortunate to get a decent flick on the flight. That would be Bandslam, a film I simple adore. Also I'm saddened this didn't more play during it's 2009 theater run. It's cute despite my issues w/protagonist totally bailing on the cute geek girl (Vanessa Hudgens). Look forward to a proper viewing eventually. Apologize for crushing on Alyson Michalka but she's way sexy in this.

Battle for Terra (2009) might be the most violent made-for-kids animated feature I've seen. I was perplexed while viewing this trying to understand the real audience as aliens and humans go all out blowing each other to bits. Because of that I'm not sure I really cared for this film. Oh, this one hit way back in 2007 at the Toronto Film Festival but didn't make to theaters domestically until 2009. And it fizzled.

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