Friday, December 04, 2009

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Seventies

now playing: Hitch-Hike, featuring the always fun Franco Nero. Crazy awesome head-shot thru a moto cop's helmet. Some great stunts including a burning truck and car flip. Nice end and sexy, nude Corinne Clery. Quality thriller from 1977. Bonus interview w/Nero, Clery & David Hess is also good.

The transfer via Instant Watch wasn't so good for White Zombie (1932) and neither was the shoddy sound. Fortunately the strength of this old horror thriller shines thru and makes me wanting a better transfer (in addition to the Lugosi Legendre 1/6 scale figure). Curious about that remastered edition. Consider this a must-see for all horror fans. Would love to have a print of that movie poster; xmas is coming, people.

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