Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I Call Upon Jessica Van Helsing

Easily one of the weirder Hammer Dracula flicks in Dracula A.D. 1972, with all the hippie themes & influence. Very middling but still Hammer and very watchable (unless you really despise 70s hippies of London town). But goddamn that is some stellar DVD art. amiright?

Another reason why Bela Lugosi is great? He starred in two completely different films with the same title. The 1941 version of The Black Cat features Broderick Crawford carrying the heft of the plot with (annoying) comic relief by Hugh Herbert. Basil Rathbone (guess I just can't get enough of him, eh?) is the other featured lead in a pretty good whodunnit mystery. The comedic elements really fall flat knocking a great flick down to merely good. Altho there is an intended kneeslapper when Crawford's character mockingly says to Rathbone, "who do you think you are, Sherlock Holmes?" Har har.

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