Thursday, December 03, 2009

Spider Train Congestion

Yes, I have now seen Soderbergh's Traffic (2001). Overall solid film but not really catering to what I enjoy in films; I typically don't gravitate towards hyper realism of actual or true-to-life events. In this case it's Mexican drug trade. Not knocking the film b/c it's great as are the performances but drama based in reality has never sat well w/me (my rationale has always been that we get enough of it in the news, eg. war, politics, war on drugs, etc. but I'm sure there's more to it). Props to another excellent Clifton Collins Jr performance.

Tuned in Spider Baby via my PS3 (seems the primary use for it now; Instant Watch). What a fucked up movie! Lon Chaney Jr. is the caretaker for two mentally deranged girls obsessed w/spiders and killing. Then there's Ralph (a very young Sid Haig) as the retarded freak of the lot. Also known as The Maddest Story Ever Told, it lives up that billing introducing the family as being afflicted with Merrye Syndrome that causes regression to a child-like mental state. Still doesn't quite their insatiable desire for murder. Wickedly dark, disturbing and horrifying. Made in 1964 but finally released in 1968.

The only downside to watching Sherlock Holmes: Terror by Night on Instant Watch is that once you've seen all the available Basil Rathbone Holmes films available, there are no more to watch. Hope Netflix adds more soon because I can watch these every day. This 1946 installment is particularly good caper on a train w/a sultry Renee Godfrey.

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