Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Surviving The Game

Okay, apologies in advance for the over-gushing on this post... as a couple of films really grabbed me (both on Instant Watch, fyi). The first I Wake Up Screaming is just fucking good noir. Period. Even as this film draws toward its ultimate conclusion and reveal I still had no idea who the killer was. So many red herrings and yet so fucking good. Thrilled to see Laird Cregar again (again playing the creep, a role he was made for) and Betty Grable seemed to get more attractive as the film went on. Carole Landis also very cute. From 1941, this is one to add to your instant queue. Now.

Extremely happy to see that The Most Dangerous Game has a Criterion release as I seriously adore this film. Besides the always enchanting Fay Wray, Leslie Banks as the ever so creepy Count Zarloff is an onscreen delight. Nice to see that the Surviving The Game theme goes all the way back to 1932 cinema! Always appreciate "man as the prey" plotting (when it's done well). Here it is excellent and amusing. Highly recommended viewing.

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