Friday, December 11, 2009

Life is Strange

In my haste to nail down a few more highly ranked blindspots I became quite moved by Marc Forster's Stranger Than Fiction (2006). How or why Will Ferrell doesn't get more roles like this is a mystery as he was surprisingly good in this serious note. Also really dug Maggie Gyllenhaal. Overall this film impressed me. Was never really interested in seeing this but now I'm keen to see it again. Love when I movie does that.

One of Dylan McDermott's early roles was the 1990 horror/sci-fi flick Hardware. It's kinda amazing that he ended up with a respectable career after that film. This isn't to say that the film is bad but it's hardly "good" and more along the lines of cult favorite. The effects are rather amusing (Really? That's the best killer robot they could create?) but the soundtrack is pretty great (not only is Ace of Spades featured but Lemmy is a taxi driver in this post-apocalyptic world). Nevertheless an entertaining B-movie.

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