Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Still Coogan & Crawford's Claws

Watching William Castle's 1965 fluff thriller I Saw What You Did via TCM and I'm a little surprised this title is OOP and not included in the Castle boxed set. Considering it features Joan Crawford and John Ireland, you'd think they'd keep this one alive. And it ain't a bad thriller... and one where you'll find yourself siding w/the villain in hopes that he'll eventually murder the stupid annoying girls making prank calls. Crawford is delightfully ferocious.

Don't think I'll ever get tired of early Eastwood films. Coogan's Bluff is one such example. This 1968 film offers so much to love. Imagine taking the Man With No Name and placing him in Midnight Cowboy. Seeing Eastwood's Arizona Deputy Coogan navigate the streets and nightlife of New York City is far too excellent. And that Clint remains a player w/all the girls is more leverage than a flaw. "Still Coogan." Still great, Mr. Eastwood. And holy damn is Melodie Johnson freaking hot.

And if you thought I'd let the day pass without bad cinema I offer up Hal Roach's incredibly awful One Million B.C. (1940). Horrifically bad in every sense, this nearly silent caveman film is absurd on every level. I don't know where to begin yet I'm glad to have watched this courtesy of TCM. Featuring Lon Chaney Jr (again), the real star is Victor Mature (remember him from I Wake Up Screaming?), who does his best clean-shave, well-coifed caveman who saves the clan against the giant lizards and other disguised mammals. The effects, set-pieces, the attire, it's all bad. Since this is one of Mature's earliest roles, I can't blame him. Carole Landis is also cute as the blonde haired, fair skinned cave girl who managed to fashion herself a bra under those cave rags. There is one pretty good kill when I a cavewoman is engulfed in lava. Still stunned this was made and presented as any sense what the world and life was like 10,000 years B.C.

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