Saturday, December 05, 2009

Visually Electric

On the heels of Traffic, I picked up 1971's Trafic from the library. Leaning heavy on the visuals this Jacques Tati French comedy is stylish from the word go. Not surprised this is a Criterion edition as it's a treat for the eyes over a rather simple premise (getting a concept car, the "camper car" into an auto show in Amsterdam). The mono tracked dialog is really secondary to what's occurring onscreen between photography and gags. Maria Kimberly plays the perfect airheaded & perfectly attractive PR rep so stupid she fails for a dead dog joke. Highly recommended viewing.

Since I skipped Terror in the Aisle 3 at The Portage Theater, I'm making up for it by watching the horror comedy that is Breakin' 2 - Electric Boogaloo (1984), a highbrow cinema feature I've never seen until now. From the opening neighborhood dance sequence to the gang fight dance battle against the Electro Rock, I am highly amused. Turbo is the real identity of Spider-Man; his wall walking dancing abilities are off the chain. Ice-T is in this?!

Picked up another B-movie set, Sci-fi Classics, altho these are hardly what anyone would consider as "classic" (maybe classically bad?). Watched The Manster from 1962 and Frozen Alive from 1964. The former was actually a decent little creep-fest with good practical effects while the latter was just empty wasted space. Dreadful.

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