Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lonely Up In The Air

Return flight fired up macbook and dug into the underrated 17 Again (2009) starring flavor of our time Zac Ephron. Wasn't expecting much but really enjoy the hell out of this little teenage/adult rom-com. Definitely worth a look. Fact: I got a little dusty at the end.

Came home to Charlyne Yi's docu-drama Paper Heart (2009) also featuring one Michael Cera. It's touching and funny and also sad to a degree but well worth checking out.

Robert Rodriguez's Shorts (2009) was my return in-flight film but I actually watched it before my trip to L.A. and it's perfectly fine for what it is. More entertaining for the younger set and still found it very watchable yet ultimately forgettable. But it wasn't made for me, was it?

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