Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Battle Dance Beyond the Stars

Knew I had to hit Jon Chu's Step Up 3D (2010) at the theater... just knew it. Heard some good things and this was really the first film in a long time that I wanted to see the 3D (normally I hate it for anything). As it turned out this was probably the most fun I've had viewing a movie in a theater this year. My god was I smiling and laughing all the way thru it (and I was alone!). 3D is great; routines are awesome. Sharni Vinson is strangely attractive yet sometimes looks odd, which made her more appealing. Moose Rules! Favorite dance battle is The Battle of Red Hook. Solid film and totally silly but damn enjoyable. Could make my top ten for 2010.

Needed a Cary Grant fix I picked off Howard Hawks' His Girl Friday (1940) from NWI. Sadly Grant isn't even in the film much. There's a period of 30 minutes or so where he's not even onscreen. Definitely more of a Rosalind Russell vehicle and she's excellent.
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  • 2010 TOTAL: 461
(hmm, 10 days in and no re-watches. *sad*)

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