Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Crimson & Clover

Because of my obsession with the Bring It On series I've always wanted to see Sugar & Spice (2001). Totally forgot it was based on a true story of bank-robbing cheerleaders. Not the greatest cheerleader comedy movie but it was fun seeing the younger versions of these actors now. 6/10

Dipped into an old 80s sleaze classic with Angel (1984) that has a lot more comedy elements than I remember. Reduces some of the suspense aspect but still a decent watch and not nearly as sleazy as I once thought. 6.5/10

Easily the most entertaining film of the night was the Thai action flick Power Kids (2009). No, this is not a "great" film but watching these kids perform stunts is mesmerizing. Plenty of humor mixed with serious. Fun watch.
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  • August Re-watch: 7
  • August Total: 38
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