Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Raid on August

Last post of August! ::sigh of relief::

Fitting my first film of the day on this last day of August is one of my favorite new releases this year, Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim Vs the World (2010). Gods damn do I love this film. Wasn't sure I'd see it again but forced myself to take in another viewing. Love it even more. I've read that Mary Elizabeth Winstead has a vacuous role in the flick but it works for me. And something about her just melts me. (still burned out on Cera but whatevs) 9/10

Home: watched Treat Williams in Gale Force (2002), that literally lifts scenes from Last Action Hero. Suppose they thought no one would notice? It's kinda like Survivor meets Surviving the Game. Also features Tim Thomerson. He & Williams can team up anytime and I'll watch. Directed by Jim Wynorski, this is very watchable if not entirely very good. (Yay, 2 Treat Williams flicks this month!) 5.5/10

A film I've been told watch is Ben Rock's (@NeptuneSalad) Alien Raiders (2008). Wasn't sure what to make of this as it started but further in a very cool mystery unfolds with some great creature effects and scares. Solid camera work and good flick! 6.75/10

Finished the night with Robert Rodriguez's Spy Kids (2001). Never seen any of the Spy Kids flicks but figured I should give all of Rodriguez's catalog a fair shake since a few of films I really like. This flick is as expected and really not targeted towards me. Some of the banter is fine but not a movie I'll revisit (unless I have kids). 6/10
  • August New: 54
  • August Re-watch: 12
  • August Total: 66
  • 2010 TOTAL: 507

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