Friday, August 06, 2010

Killing Me Sophie

Some catch viewing with Sophie's Choice (1982). Meryl Streep is damn fab as is Kevin Kline. Solid up and down and sideways. And now I know what Sophie's choice was. ;-)

DVD from Netflix in No Man's Land: The Rise of Reeker (2008) and I kinda wish I hadn't spent the time to watch this. Good cast but the alternate reality stuff I found a bit tedious.

Picked up this Sonny Chiba Blu-ray from Amazon featuring Killing Machine (1975) and hot damn is this a great film! Noribumi Suzuki's Shôrinji kenpô possesses all the elements I treasure in a good film; excellent lead, good story, great sequences. That's obvious but this film hits all of these perfectly. Love it!
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Adam Dorfman said...

just cuz of the phrase sophie's choice has been in my netflix queue since i signed up. still haven't seen it.

stakk said...

yeah it's been a blindspot for a long time but only recently I grew tired of hearing it referenced by movie bloggers so often. good flick... you & nikko should watch it.