Sunday, August 22, 2010

Seven Years Bad Luck

Speaking of vampire films, finally watched George A. Romero's Martin (1977). John Amplas does a convincing "dude with a problem" and provides the needed creepiness in his scenes. Really a lot to like about this low budget thriller. 6.8/10

I know I haven't seen the sequel to Angel, Avenging Angel (1985), and it's a shame it doesn't quite deliver the same sleaze & grittiness as its predecessor. The quirkiness kills any edge it might've had with what little thrills it attempts. The funky cast is back and Betsy Russell is fine but just a bad delivery. 4.5/10

In wanting more Alexandre Aja I grabbed the Mirrors (2008) blu-ray from the library. Wish I could say I enjoyed this film but it's too wacky especially towards the end with the possessed nun to really recommend it. Some great kill scenes though. 5.7/10
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