Monday, August 16, 2010

People Going Nowhere, Taken for a Ride

The biggest crime in Yossi Wein's Never Say Die (1994) is that they couldn't afford the rights to get Black Sabbath's song of the same name. That would've really amped up the action scenes. But not by much as this is definitely a "bad film" but watching Billy Drago do his best Jim Jones is pretty damn awesome. Plot: unlikely ex-commando & FBI agent join forces to stop cult killer and save a General's daughter. 5/10

Now Lucio Fulci's New Gladiators (1984) is a bad film of another caliber. It's basically Running Man or the same premise where prisoners fight it out on battle motorcycles in a future world. Love the miniatures and set pieces. Had to be fun wrecking all those bikes. And you can always count on Fred Williamson showing up as the same post-apocalyptic warrior. 5.5/10
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