Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Easy Killing

Yeah, I will go on record as admitting that I've never watched Easy Rider (1969) in its entirety. It's always been one of those iconic films that I've just never bothered to go back to. Thanks to my library I picked up the BD (BD is just so-so). Pretty cool flick and a tad overrated but damn good to see Hopper doing his thing.

Tipped by @TCMunderground I queued up Stanley Kubrick's The Killing (1956) on NWI. Wow, this film is just amazing. Love seeing Elisha Cook Jr. getting a meaty role albeit still playing a poor schlep (Marie Windsor as his wife is super smoking). Really great crime drama with plenty of suspense as the group tries to pull off the heist of a lifetime in robbing the race track. Highly recommended watch!
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