Sunday, November 29, 2009

Also Known As Prison Ship

Early morning viewing of Sherlock Holmes - The Woman in Green and more Basil Rathbone. Really dig the old Sherlock Holmes films (this one from 1944).

Watching Star Slammer at the moment but it will be a real test as to whether I will endure this Fred Olen Ray 2/10 star low budget sci-fi slop from 1987. But if that cover art isn't a lure I don't know what is. (yes, watched the whole thing and it wasn't terrible; kinda taking the women's prison film of the 70s into space but executed poorly... but some of the costuming would make for some decent action figures.)

Instant watching the 1968 Herschell Gordon Lewis chicks on bikes affair She Devils On Wheels. Wish I had a better sense of what exactly the point or plot of this is... I get the biker chicks and all but wish it had a little more bite and grit.

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