Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Blackhawk Down! Blackhawk Down!"

Also on TCM was The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb (followed that terrible Mexican Robot vs. Mummy flick). Gotta say this isn't one of Hammer Films better flicks but not awful. I dig the mummy in this but how they develop its behavior is rather weird (why doesn't the mummy just attack everyone?). Receiving Hammer's The Mummy tomorrow so hoping that's a better example.

ok, Black Hawk Down is a damn fine piece of film. The cinematography is stunning; the scenes capture the situation perfectly. For me, I am most amazed by the sheer number of known actors featured here. From top to bottom. Eric Bana easily wins the best of the bunch award with Lucius Malfoy in second. Thinking I may want this on Blu.

Killed another blindspot with Million Dollar Baby (yes, pun intended). Was waiting the entire for the reveal and it did as intended (was a shocking moment for sure). Since I didn't catch this film immediately upon its release I became aware of the plot, which didn't leave much desire to see. Glad I did; Eastwood & Freeman were great as usual. Still not a fan of Hillary Swank.

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