Saturday, November 07, 2009

People is Fish Food

Had been wanting to see Food, Inc. since it was released. However, I'm glad I waited because it ain't all that. I was expecting more on the side of shocking and new information. Rather it's a lot of the same info we've been exposed to regarding the issues w/food manufacturing and distribution, GMO vs. organic, etc. Yawn.

Now watching Planet Terror on Blu-Ray altho not sure why (I own the standard DVD release) b/c given the "old school" grainy quality to reproduce that "grindhouse" effect, Blu-Ray seems pointless. still an excellent watch and fun film.

Completed my movie viewing with one I've been putting off for quite some time: A Fish Called Wanda. why, you ask? Back around the time this film came out I did try to watch it and just couldn't. Wasn't in to it. Just wasn't working for me. Dunno why b/c everyone is pretty fab in this. Upon this viewing, my feelings haven't changed much. Just doesn't do it for me. Jamie Lee does look great tho.

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