Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dark Minds

So William Castle decided to step away from the gimmicks and remake The Old Dark House, but more as a comedy rather than straight-up horror and casts Tom Poston (Newhart!) in the lead. Okay. This Hammer/Castle collaboration isn't bad but not up to Castle's more gimmicky films, sadly. At least Janette Scott was cast and appears younger and even more beautiful than she does in Paranoiac (released that same year, 1963). Still like the more frightful turn in the original ODH from '32.

Admittedly A Beautiful Mind is, in fact, a fine film. And yes, I should have seen this much sooner than now. That is me fessing up. Being long enough from its original release, I came in with some preconceived notions that (much to my chagrin) were demolished half-way thru. The twist or reveal, if you will, was unexpected. Enjoyed thoroughly. And mark this as the 2nd Jennifer Connelly appearance in as many days (almost). She's pretty.

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