Sunday, November 08, 2009

I am a Law Abiding Citizen

Since the Bears game was over by halftime, I split for the afternoon screening of Law Abiding Citizen, starring Jamie Fox and Gerald Butler. I heard what a batshit mess this was and it live up to that. Damn fun film albeit completely ridiculous. Was hoping for a more interesting reveal but still crazy. Had a good time even w/the group of 70+ yr old women behind me "oohing" and "aahing" over Butler. Glad to see it's still making money; need more insane action/thrillers like this.

Sometime before dawn, I finished the Japanese softcore film Man, Woman, and the Wall. Didn't realize how softcore or "pink" this would be until I started watching. Damn. Was caught off guard and was why I didn't originally finish watching last week. However, the 2nd half the film actually gets interesting and makes it worth watching. All and all I think this film is fairly indicative of the ecchi (hentai) culture in Japan. Plus Aoi Sola is smoking (even the imaginary character portrayed by Shô Nishino is super fine).

Now watching 1965 mystery film Bunny Lake Is Missing. Already appears to be a winner. (indeed, this film is very good wit a total freak-out finale. if you dig b&w noir-type mystery thrillers, this is for you.)

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Adam Dorfman said...

my friend Jason was the waiter in that movie. i told him i'd see him on the small screen in the comfort of my own home.