Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dreams in the Dark

Caught up w/the documentary about the (nearly) abandoned town Centralia, PA where a fire has been burning under the town since 1962. The Town That Was is an okay doc but would've like to be a little more on the extreme side (and maybe include some things that this town has inspired such as the Silent Hill backdrop). All you need to know is really contained in the first 30-40 minutes (how the fire came to be and the result). But still a good watch if you're interested.

Another blindspot film demolished in the evening: Requiem for a Dream. Not quite as dark as anticipated but still the serious wig-out of a movie. And maybe one of the best original soundtracks (can Clint Mansell do wrong?). Thinking I might get the blu-ray as I wouldn't mind rewatching this one... it is a cautionary tale, right? right.

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