Saturday, November 21, 2009

Super Clean Mummy

Netflix delivered Superfly and I watched. Despite it's status and possessing all the hallmarks of blaxploitation cinema, I don't think this particular film is good example of that genre. In many ways, it stands on its own. Ron O'Neal is excellent. I also listened to most of the commentary track, which is just as good.

Amy Adams & Emily Blunt star in the pretty darn good Sunshine Cleaning, with the always great Alan Arkin in supporting role. Big shout out to Clifton Collins Jr. for his role as Winston (my favorite character here). Nice little flick. An aside, just noticed the blu-ray is $9.99 @ AMZ while the DVD is $14.99. WTF?

Now watching the absolutely terrible The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy (1957), courtesy of TCM. This is horror trash cinema from Mexico and sadly this version is USA dubbed version. Altho I can't imagine it being any better w/the original language track. I think MST3K did an episode featuring this film. This trailer below is so much better than the actual film. Wish the film was half as good as advertised. Boo!

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