Monday, November 02, 2009

Fighting Pre-code Suspense

Tyson was an off the quick pick Blu-Ray shelf and it's a decent documentary altho really needs another voice (other than just Tyson). Still very interesting to watch & listen to this man now that he's no longer the monster in the ring. Sad to think what he could've become w/the right people around him.

In clearing some DVR space, I chose Murders in the Zoo (broadcast on Halloween) to view first. Man, this is some wild movie! Even more so for 1933... seriously, he threw her in the alligator pool to be devoured alive? What year was this again? Talk about horrifying. Directed by A. Edward Sutherland this is obviously pre-code. Rare to see something so violent (even the uncaged animals attacking each other is gruesome).

Not surprising I followed that with Doctor X, released the year before in 1932. It also stars Lionel Atwill as Dr. Xavier (waaaaaaaay before the X-men). And the delicious Fay Wray in a supporting role (again). I dig how TCM themes its film schedule to feature movies from the same time period (related by cast). This one is bit more confusing than the others I've seen recently (eg. Mystery of the Wax Museum) and I'm not fond of the colorization. But not a bad film.

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