Saturday, November 28, 2009

Music Box Mystery

Started the day with a little Instant Neflix action in Sherlock Holmes in Prelude to Murder (1946) featuring the delightful Basil Rathbone. Dug most of this film up until the final conclusion, which was anti-climatic after the build-up.

Now watching another 40's piece, The Missing Juror (1944) courtesy of TCM. Lukewarm on this one so far. // yeah, turns out it was just okay. No major payoff in the finale.

Closed with Wandering Ginza Butterfly. Holy shit do I love 60s/70s Japanese cinema, particularly the earlier Nikkatsu studio, yakuza and revenge films. Meiko Kaji is as excellent as ever here (and gorgeous, natch). Think it's great to see the final bloody climax happen after an intense billiards contest. Visually this film is excellent w/an equally fine enka soundtrack.

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