Friday, November 20, 2009

Wonderfully Adapting

Spike Jonze blindspot blind no more with Adaptation officially off the list. Not bad to see 2 good (great?) Nic Cage performances in one week (why can't he get more work like this, me asks). Chris Cooper also terrific here and nice small part by Judy Greer, whom I heart. Just wish the disc had some special features incl. Stephen Tobolowsky's deleted scenes, dammit.

So the UP creators (Pixar peeps) found inspiration from The Living Edens - The Lost World - Venezuela's Ancient Tepuis PBS documentary... I watched and I liked. Altho I could only get the VHS from the library (boo!) and would love to see this in Hi-Def. Damn beautiful. Now I want to go there.

Let it be known that Wonder Woman 2009 is incredibly violent! Similar to the Green Lantern flick I viewed recently, DC has no problem turning up violence in its animated features. Sheesh, it's almost alarming to see so many kill scenes but I appreciate the serious tone and much better than the Marvel animated features in that respect. Overall solid film and more excellent Nathan Fillian voice over acting.

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