Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Honky Tonk Man

Thanks to a recent review on Gentleman's Guide to Midnight Cinema podcast, I dug into the meaty early 70s flick Payday (1972) starring Rip Torn as a traveling country-western performer. It's a day in the life adventure including all the women, booze and seedy motels. Rip Torn is a walking disaster and so much fun to watch spiral out of control.

Picked up this 3-movie disc for $5 at WM called Spirited Killer Trilogy, featured 3 earlier films "from the action team of Ong Bak." So I plopped one in, the first Spirited Killer a.k.a. Plook mun kuen ma kah 4 from 1994. This is a seriously awful film where the only redeeming quality is the hilarious English dub. Some of the lines are LOL worthy. Can't imagine the others being any worse. Safe to say that Thailand films have become far better by leaps & bounds in a short span.

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