Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Devil on Xmas

Had to watch Sheitan so I could get it back to Netflix (hate having a Netflix disc more than a week). Was putting it off b/c I really wasn't up for another freaky French horror film. It delivers on all counts altho not nearly as strong as a Martyrs or Frontier(s) (and not surprising, the set in Sheitan looks like the same creepy farm from Frontiers(s)). Vincent Cassel continues to play the usual psychopath. For once I'd really like to see him in the role of the hero/protagonist rather than the baddie. He's that talented and deserves better (even tho he is a great bad guy - it's just getting old to see him doing it in everything). Yes, I know, I should probably watch more older non-genre French films.

I picked up this Hammer Horror Series set from the library and fired up Paranoiac (b&w, 1963). Quite the lost gem of the set, I think. Another exceptional Oliver Reed performance and overall solid thriller.

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