Sunday, November 01, 2009

Fifty Foot Flight on Four Wheels

Green Lantern: First Flight is the latest DC animated movie garnering a lot of buzz on the interwebs. Guess my expectations were set a little to high as this didn't do all that for me. Still very good Hal Jordan story (and violent) but I was left wanting more.

I've decided that I'm less enamored with Christian Bale the more I see him in films. Case in point, American Psycho. And it's not the character (Bateman is excellent) but just that Bale is annoying me. I think it's his jawline and stiff overbite along w/his delivery. Yes, this movie is excellent, natch, and no longer in my hall of shame.

Completely forget until I went to grab the link for Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman that it was remade and starred Darryl Hannah! Was thinking the entire time while watching this film, "hmm, they should remake this." doh! Gotta say tho that it's a bit of false advertising (not b/c the woman really isn't 50ft) but this so-called "attack" occurs in the last 10 minutes and it's barely an attack. This is just a revenge flick that happens to involve a radiated woman who grows large and large w/jealousy.

Final film of the night: The Car (starring James Brolin). This is a GREAT movie. Some terrifying scenes as The Car attempts to crush everyone and one truly magnificent kill scene (Car drives thru a house!). A little let down at the end but overall solid flick.

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