Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

Thanks to Fox, I watched Night at the Museum with my father on this Thanksgiving evening. Can't recall the last time I watched an entire film on primetime television with commercial interruptions. Always wanted to see this but was hoping for a better experience. Dad enjoyed it. Probably will rewatch on disc one of these days along w/the sequel.

In my home of my birth, I went out to the late show of Ninja Assassin, partly to kill time and partly b/c I did want to see to this flick. Fuck all if I wasn't disappointed in this on-screen travesty. Besides being completely absurd, the film is a snoozefest. You'd think that guys that invented bullet-time could produce something interesting w/the ninja lore rather than the CG bloody smear of celluloid I saw. Kept waiting for the "I will see this again" moment but it never came. So unfortunate as this could've been good.

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