Monday, November 16, 2009

Secret World

Catching on on Ralph Bakshi films this year meant sooner or later I'd get to Cool World and of all the Bakshi flicks I've seen, this one is probably the worst of the bunch. It's more of a mess than anything and much less psychedelic. For a 1992 film, Brad Pitt doesn't really look that young and Gabriel Byrne looks the same as he always does. Not surprised to see such a low score at imdb. Unfortunate b/c somewhere in this I'm sure there's a story.

Was lucky to pick-up the National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets blu-ray from the library shelf. Ok, maybe "lucky" isn't the best word but I have been looking forward to seeing this sequel having recently seen the first installment. And it ain't bad. Nic Cage is quite likable in these as ridiculous they are (really? a secret gold city inside Mt. Rushmore?). The blu-ray is a decent transfer. I just wonder why Cage can't make another one of these to pay off his debts? This franchise is a bank roll.

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