Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hammer Goes for Two

Feeding my Hammer Horror binge (thanks to that Collection I borrowed), I watched Phantom of the Opera (1962) and it is pretty damn entertaining. Michael Gough (Alfred from Batman!) is featured here as a smarmy opera composer and he steals every scene. Man, is he ever slimy. As of this writing he is 96 years old!!! Oh my.

Next Hammer film was Captain Clegg a.k.a Night Creatures which is a tour de force for Peter Cushing. He is so fun in this so-so film. Oliver Reed is good here and wow, does Yvonne Romain ever set the bar high for Hammer girls. Amusing that Romain was the slave girl mother to Reed's werewolf in Curse of the Werewolf (also featured on the DVD set but not watching having seen it on the big screen at Portage Theater back in August).

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