Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bad, Worse & Worst

Another series of 80s horror films that eluded me was the Ghoulies series. Having the flipper of the first two films from my library I was thrilled to dig into these. First up Ghoulies (1985). Not a bad little "bad" horror flick w/some amusing moments and a much younger Mariska Hargitay in a supporting role. Wish I had one of the original Ghoulies used in the film!

From Netflix another awful 80s post-apocalyptic flick She Wolves of the Wasteland a.k.a. Phoenix the Warrior (1988) featuring Kathleen Kinmont (yay!). Yeah this film isn't good by any stretch (my comment on @gomiso was something like "80s is my favorite decade for bad films"). But still my kind of bad film.

Finally suffered thru Dario Argento's recent Mother of Tears (2007). Everything I've heard was true; this is a pretty lousy film in almost every way... 'cept for the gorgeous (and often naked) Moran Atias. Acting is atrocious, story is terrible & convoluted. Heavy on gore, blood & kill scenes, which are decent enough but really add nothing to support the film. Disappointing all around.
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