Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bollywood Beware

Being out in San Jose visiting my girlfriend I wasn't expecting to view any films and I was pretty much right in that assumption. Also haven't seen any television. But that's fine as it's been great to take a break and just spend some quality time with her. An upside of her new apartment is that she's walking distance from a theater that features only Bollywood films. Great for her b/c that's about the only kind of film she enjoys. So we decided to walk over to catch one but sadly the film we wanted to see didn't offer subtitles. So we went w/the other choice in Kites (2010), a film I had read good things about. Boy, were those opinions ever so wrong!

Kites goes down as possibly the worst Bollywood produced film I've seen. Now I admit to not having seen that many Bollywood films (maybe a few dozen or so, which ain't a lot considering Bollywood typically outputs more films in a given year than Hollywood) but I've seen enough to know good & bad. And I have seen some bad Bollywood flicks. But this one really takes the proverbial cake. And it's unfortunate b/c it could've been very good considering the cast. Hrithik Roshan is similar to Hugh Jackman in both appearance and charisma. Barbara Mori is a cross between Krista Allen & Monica Belluci (sizzling hot). But, wow, the story and sequences are terrible. Not surprised that Brett Ratner is connected to the recut domestic release. But I'm doubtful that the full version is any better. So disappointing. I'm angry this was as bad as it was.
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