Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Visions of Hell

The Pit DVD is flipper disc that also contains Hellgate (1989), which despite what I heard about it being complete trash, it ain't that bad of a watch! For a bad b-movie. OK, it's not good but still watchable and stupid. Saved review from GetGlue: Not the worst b-movie but unfortunately lacking most of the merits of what makes a bad b-movie good. In short, it's about an old west attraction populated by the evil dead stemming from a murder that occurs years earlier. Some kids come visiting and sets the story in motion. Bleh. Really not worth the time unless you're truly a lousy film enthusiast.

Re-watched Carpenter's They Live (1988) because it's another one that has been far too long since I last viewed. While not one of Carpenter's stronger efforts from the 80s, it's still so much fun. Deserves a better treatment.
  • May New: 40
  • May Re-watch: 7
  • May Total: 47
  • 2010 TOTAL: 302

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