Monday, May 31, 2010

Unleash Hell in an Arrow

For Memorial Day, I jumped into a packed Showplace 12 cinemas for a packed viewing of Ridley Scott's Robin Hood (2010) with his favorite muse of recent years in Russell Crowe. Originally lost interest in this film after the early reviews reporting a disappointment among critics. But @Schofizzy's championing of the film sold me. Glad I made the leap; this is a sold flick albeit a little too serious. A better title would've been "Robin Hood Begins" as this tells the story before the Robin Hood you've seen time and time again. I appreciated that. Not a great film but highly watchable w/a few good sequences. And Crowe doesn't overact here, which is a plus.

On NWI I struggled thru the anime OVA Karas - The Prophecy (2006). It wasn't the dubbed version that NWI served up that made this nearly unwatchable but rather the general convoluted plotline that plagues many adventurous anime features. For the entire 90 minutes I truly had no idea what was going on. The melding of CG & traditional animation looks good but that's about all I can say. Have no interest in watching part two.

Finally my last film of May I reached back into Watch Instantly for another mutant animal attack trash feature in Razortooth (2007 - São Paulo International Film Festival). The mutant animal in this one is a killer eel that somehow is mobile on land. Yeah, it's that kind of stupidity. And why I can enjoy this kind of film. Pretty dumb stuff but my kind of dumb. Appropriate way to end the month of May.
  • May New: 56
  • May Re-watch: 12
  • May Total: 68
  • 2010 TOTAL: 323

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