Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beautiful Monsters

Got the Frankenstein Legacy Collection from my library but only had time to watch Son of Frankenstein (1939), one I hadn't (surprisingly) hadn't seen yet. This is another solid entry in the original series of films w/Basil Rathbone stepping in as Dr. Frankenstein. Besides Karloff reprising his famous role, it's great to see Lugosi as the sidekick Ygor.

One more in the XX: Utsukushiki series of Japanese exploitation flicks is Toshiharu Ikeda's Beautiful Beast a.k.a. XX: Utsukushiki kemono (1995). This one involves a "beautiful" Chinese assassin seeking revenge on yakuza for the death of her sister. Of XX: Utsukushiki films I've seen recently, I enjoyed this one the least, which is to say I didn't care for it much.
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