Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Fantasy Inside

Now that I'm home I could finally wrap some Netflix DVDs. Finished Frazetta - Painting with Fire (2003), a heartbreaking documentary about this legendary artist that recently passed away. I know I'm not the only one who grew up idolizing Frank Frazetta but seeing this makes me appreciate his talent that much more (if it were possible). I could eulogize on and on about the impact Frazetta had on my life but I won't. I think everyone with even a passing interest in art should view this doc. I'll probably end up buying the 2-disc set.

Another overdue Netflix watch was David Schmoeller's excellent creepfest Tourist Trap (1979) featuring Chuck Connors in a delightfully creepy role as a curator for closed roadside attraction full of animatronic characters. A young Tanya Roberts co-stars and is delicious in her daisy dukes and tube top. Great watch!

Then direct on NWI I mustered enough attention to view the direct to video Lady Death - The Motion Picture (2004). I was a pseudo-fan of Lady Death during the 90s, more intrigued by the imagery than the actual comic books. She was the poster child for the "bad girl" movement in the 90s. But ever since this film was released I've only heard bad things. But in the end I actually kinda liked this low budget animated flick. It's in no way a good film but I could dig it.
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